Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 30: Nine of Muses

Celebrating when my creativity and output are in perfect  alignment with the rest of my life... Yes, that is what the nine of Muses is calling me to do. Well it hasn't seemed like that in a while. <sigh>

Presently I've felt stressed and unbalanced it just about every aspect of my life. Yes, I'd love to celebrate this feat... but I need to get there again.

I have felt like that balance has been there before, but not  for a long time and I can't exactly  put my finger on it and say every thing was clicking like this in August of 2013 or ______________(insert any other date here).

Yes, I want things to flow smoothly.  I'd love to be absent the frenzy. I've never enjoyed drama except on stage or theater.

I know that balance is a good thing. I've actually felt  balance in my life at times and it seems to make things better across the board. At home, at the office.  In family life, artistic life. In terms of how I feel health-wise. My level of energy  is higher then. My  blood sugar numbers level off to be more stable within a tighter range. My emotions are less in flux.

It is at times when things are in balance that I generally  feel better about my writing. My production is up but so too is the quality of that output. I think confidence has a lot to do with it.

I'm a Capricorn and I am not crazy about change. I also always want to feel organized and in control but wanting to will not automatically translate into fining that organized state.  I can do a mean to-do list. Sometimes that list can grow so long and actually overwhelm me.

Oh Nine of Muses, I stand convicted of teetering off balance presently. Let me make October a month that harmony, the stars, the universe all seem point me to a grounding that balances every aspect of my life.

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