Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 28 - Five of Mentors

For Week twenty-eight I'm back to a suits card. This one, the Five of Mentors.

This card calls into question issues between creative entities.  For example collaborative works of artists. I've not really had a lot of collaborative experiences so this is difficult to assess how I handle these sort of things and maybe more to think about what those possibilities might look like. Could I be congenial under the circumstance?

I think in a joint artistic effort I could a positive contributor. This card reminds me of watching  the TV Runway show and how some of the designers in collaborative works become spoiled drama queens.

Keeping a flexible artistic vision is likely a good practice no matter if you are working with others, work-shopping in a group or working alone. I need to always keep an open mind - especially to things completely new.

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