Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 34 - The Four of Letterpresses - Looking for ways to learn

This week the Four of Letterpresses is directing me towards
garnering greater information.

Everyone can learn something new that is helpful and This weeks card is stressing finding ways or sources to improve yourself at your art. These could come in the form of workshops, one on one instruction. Look for opportunities at Libraries or bookstores that sometimes sponsor events.

Right now I am being coached by another writer. Something I would do every fall if the finances would permit but I try and do it at least every other year in the fall.

I need to be on the lookout for throughout the year for other opportunities.

At times I have been able to audit  master classes from time to time. These are always a wealth of information.  In recent years I have been able to do so with Dean Young and Terrance Hayes. Two fascinating and prominent contemporary poets..

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 33 - Sylvia Plath - Again!

So Sylvia has come back to me.... I drew her in Week 10 and evidently she has something new for me to learn. What will it be?

I wonder if deep down inside there is a poem I am not writing for fear. Is this why Sylvia has again surfaced in my deck of Poet Tarot Cards?

I always feel at home with Sylvia's work. I read so much about her and her work, I may know her better than any other poet. I've always liked the confessional style that she, Anne Sexton and Sharon Olds are so known for.

Plath clearly was blessed with the ability to write from a very internalized place. I am thinking there may be something deep down that I am supposed to write but have not  done so yet.

This week I will explore this thought further.

Week 32 - Ace of Letterpresses

The Ace of Letterpresses asks me what do I really know about  being an editor or publisher? What can I learn about the business side of writing beyond the writing itself?

Some things come to my mind....
 * formatting for a press or ebook
 * marketing ideas
 * working on producing a journal

The Ace of Letterpress asks me to consider being more familiar with the business side of my art. Perhaps looking for ways to volunteer that wold give me more experience.

It's a thought!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 31 - Ace of Quills

"Balance," the Ace of Quills tells me. Balance all your activities, your life in such a way that you can in fact act on your enthusiasm and write.

I need to be consistent in that I am writing every day, even if some days I must steal 20 minutes here or there.  Sure - scheduling  an hour  or two or three on some days is great but I need to make sure that on a daily basis I've carved out twenty minutes somewhere even if it is out of my lunch hour to write. Even if it is a free write. No write is NOT and Option.