Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 33 - Sylvia Plath - Again!

So Sylvia has come back to me.... I drew her in Week 10 and evidently she has something new for me to learn. What will it be?

I wonder if deep down inside there is a poem I am not writing for fear. Is this why Sylvia has again surfaced in my deck of Poet Tarot Cards?

I always feel at home with Sylvia's work. I read so much about her and her work, I may know her better than any other poet. I've always liked the confessional style that she, Anne Sexton and Sharon Olds are so known for.

Plath clearly was blessed with the ability to write from a very internalized place. I am thinking there may be something deep down that I am supposed to write but have not  done so yet.

This week I will explore this thought further.

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