Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 29: Seven of Muses

While I have a dream Journal I've lately missed quite a few entries.
The Seven of muses is admonishing me for the loss of potential writing ideas.

Dreams & nightmares offer a powerful source for artwork, and how many really good opportunities have I let slip by?  I was diligent about it for a while and then I hit a spell where I would wake up and find it difficult to piece details together. It was a little frightening as I thought perhaps it was a memory issue. For some unknown reason this problem stopped about a week ago and I've been dreaming big time the past week but had  gotten out of the habit of recording  the intricate little details of these dreams.

Resolved... I must do better about this.

I must also go periodically to my dream journal and be open to what it asks of me artistically. It is an opening to a place in my soul that is sealed and that seal is not easily opened.

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