Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 27 - Edger Allan Poe

Drawing a new card for the week, but one that is being revisited.  Poe first came to me in week 5 and he's back.

In week five working with the Poet Tarot Card Deck it was still pretty new to me. Drawing cards at random is of course kind of exciting but I remember thinking  something like "Poe, really? Why me?"

I've never been a Poe fan. Nor a big fan of rhyme. At least strong repetitious use of it in poems. I've not really been into bizarre or grotesque writing.  So drawing this card I was hard pressed to feel it would offer me positive insight into art/writing. So naturally I had to ask,"What's in this for me?"

The week 5 Poe card did cause me to think about what imprisons me. Do I feel imprisoned by my writing? Do I feel there is something else that imprisons me and if so how might it impact my writing or life otherwise?

I did decide that there were emotional tide swings  between introvert and extrovert tendencies to sometimes held me captive. Here we are 22 weeks later and I feel those some shifts are at work within me. I suppose I should expect that these are likely as much creatures of habit as anything else and as such they will not change overnight. They will not likely change without some thought process taking place about it on a routine bases. Perhaps this is the reason I was to be revisited by Poe so soon.

I need to explore in what ways the introvert/extrovert thing hinders me. That is the place to start because I need to discern if there really is a problem that needs to be solved. For example is it really a bad thing to be introverted?  And if I am able at different times to have tendencies in both directions is there not some balance to this?

So my dear Poe, you've come back to haunt me. I will revisit this week my introvert/extrovert tendencies and examine if they do imprison or hinder me in some way(s).  Additionally, I will examine how I am doing in stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Thank you Mr. Poe, That will be all for now.

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