Monday, July 7, 2014

#18 The Eight of Quills - Taking Inventory of Your Work-[habits]

The Eight of Quills surfaced yesterday when I was drawing a new Poet Tarot Card for the week. This card asks us to consider our focus. Focus on our artistic efforts. Are we finishing projects? Are we trying too many things? Are we limiting ourselves to the extent that  we leave good ideas behind to be forgotten?

So the Eight of Quills is asking us to take and inventory of what we are and are not doing. I've always been lead to believe balance is a good thing in our lives... so it would stand to mind that each aspect of our life should stand the test of balance.

For so long I wrote with the idea of the piece of writing  before me as my focal point. Sometimes I would put aside a piece to come back to later. This is still the case and I have a whole slew of unfinished drafts as a testimony to this.Some of these are close to to finished. I routinely revisit these poems that are hopeful of seeing the light of day.

Right now, I have a poetry project that desperately needs my attention. I have not  given it the time it deserves. It's a long term project and perhaps knowing that  has been my downfall. Sometimes it is the difficult things, the demanding projects that are the easiest to push to the side because we know they will be a long time in the making and sometimes I think it is these kinds of projects that often in the back of my mind become questionable and with the questions a predisposition that this is something that is more of a dream then something that is attainable.  That sort of ruled a manuscript I was working on. And while it has been sent out into the world, I know it may need more work. I think sending it out however gave me a feeling for the moment of a personal victory.

This week I will be thinking about  all the things I have on the drawing board and consider how best to balance my time to achieve the maximum positive outcomes.

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