Monday, June 9, 2014

Week #14 - Four of Mentors

For the fourteenth week I've gone to my Poet Tarot deck and shuffled and drawn a card at random. The Four of Mentors slid out  between my fingers from the fanned out deck.  As I turned it over and studied it I was taken by the skeleton type keys that were on the card.

This card reminds me that occasionally I can put my writing away. Place it in a folder or closet or drawer and let it rest figuratively. Let each of us have a rest from one another. I control the keys to my work. Take a break from a poem draft or a project, refill my creative well, but I am in control and I decide when the time is right to revisit the work.

The Four of Mentors seems to be reminding me that sometimes when I need is a little distance from my work.Besides recharging my energy sometimes it's a whole different perspective that I need, something that a few days or weeks or even months  can provide. At any rate the writing will be there when we are ready to be reunited.

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