Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bringing Back Sexy.

I read an article by Mike Hanski today has brought me to a better understanding  on what developing a magical creative life might be like.

In his own soul searching Mike concluded that children (who after all are the masters of creativity) usually have one thing going for them in the creative routines. They have a strong supportive community.  His example is that you come home from school with some art on a paper plate and you are met by patents and or family  who fuss over it and it get attached to the refrigerator for all to continue to fuss over. As we get older what happens to that core of enthusiastic support? He asks, who is your support system now? 

Ouch! Something happened over the years that were left behind from grade school. Life got more serious. The nurturing fan club called family no longer is interested in perpetrating your creative efforts and if they have any interest at all will generally take a more critical view of what you do. So what is one to do when he/she is up to their elbows in pottery clay, has acrylic paint on their cheek, or has poured out their soul onto paper in ink? It seems that artists would benefit from a collective of like individuals that support us even in out outlandish efforts of creativity. It's not likely that you are going  to reshape your family members  back into this core of support. No, we need to go beyond this and find like minded individuals to form such support structures for our work. It can be people who have an appreciation for the arts in general or individuals that  are active in our same art form.  The beauty is that we can be that  source of energy and enthusiasm for each other. A reciprocal supporter.

Mike's examination of the valuable lessons of childhood and creativity took him to some other  conclusions. He believes our creativity would be benefited by the following:

  • De-structure  your life.  Add variety and spontaneity to your daily life.
  • Turn off electronics. Use it wisely and don't  let it become an umbilical cord you depend on.
  • Be reckless. I'm not talking  about your driving, I'm talking about moving beyond comfort. Taking risks.
  • Rekindle the wonder in life. Try something new, go places you've never been. Drive home a different route. Look around you and discover new things. 
I'm pretty certain that Mike Hanski has got it right. He has found the key essentials to rediscovering  the creativity that has been siphoned from us over the years.  Now, to implement this in my day to day life. 

Now, you are wondering what  has any of this to do with sexy?  Creativity is the new Sexy! 

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