Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 47: The Eight of Letterpresses - Seeking Collaboration

A busy day of reading and writing and submissions. I usually reserve Saturday for submissions but having missed yesterday, I mad certain I got it done today.

So, with all of the above out of the way I have gone to my Poet Tarot card deck and selected at random the one to guide me this week.  It's the Eight of Letterpresses.

It appears that the Eight of Letterpresses is not a big fan taking the safe road on a journey. Not very interested in seeing me limit myself. No the Eight of Letterpresses likes to see me exercise my creativity.
Sweat a little. Get uncomfortable. Try something different.

Maybe step out of my comfort zone by contacting an artist in another field - a painter, a photographer and collaborate on putting poetry and picture together.

Now I've done this in reverse. I've supplied poetry that  an abstract artist has painted and the works have been shown in a gallery. But the Eight of Letterpresses is shaking his head. Nice try.  No, I need to use someone else's work to inspire poems.

I need to think about another artist that I know who I could ask to collaborate with, or hope that fate leads me to someone altogether new to try such a project with. This is probably not going to come together in a week, but I need to start considering possibilities this week.

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