Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 45: Frank O'Hara - Examining Authenticity All Week Long

It's been several weeks now since I drew a "poet" card. I seem to have hit a run of suite cards. Nothing wrong with that but just the same I was delighted when the Frank O'Hara card surfaced.  I really kind of feel I need an actual poet to commune with at this moment.

O'Hara at times seems too forthright for his own good. Still, you have to admire that about him, I think he wants me to examine my own authenticity. In what ways are I or am I not authentic? This is a bit of a scary request but I promise to journal on the subject this week. I suspect there is a good reason to or this would not be coming up now.

Frank O'Hara was a patron of the arts - emphasis one the plural. What can I learn from him about merging art forms? Or Poetry forms?  How can I bring my own creativity to new dimensions? When I think about exploring and experimenting with poetry do I get nervous or inspired? When asked about my work can I defend it with passion or do I act like I had no part in it?

So many tough questions Frank. We have a week together to explore these.

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