Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 46: Roethke - King of Mentors

An so I've drawn Theodore Roethke - The King of Mentors Card this week. A man who was not only a remarkable poet but an exemplary teacher as well. Professor Roethke was noted for taking a special interests in the students studying under him.  He was more than a teacher, his role was more personal and could well be describe as that of a mentor.

As for his own writing, Roethke was a keen observer of the world around him incorporating much of what he took in to his work  and  he displayed and almost magical command of words.

So what is Roethke asking of me this week?

  • I feel like Roethke wants me to be a better observer. To look for every opportunity to develop some theme, some story, some image to bring to life in poetry.
  • Also, to be new and fresh with my approach with language usage but also expand my word knowledge base 
  • I feel like his special interest in student writers/poets also has a special message. No matter what our level of experience there is someone out there who could use encouragement, direction,  be a sounding board, help workshop a poem. Look to be of help to others.
  • Remember those who have helped you in some way with you work. Keep them in your thoughts that good karma will come their way. Form time to time, drop them a note and tell them you appreciate the help they have been to you. Or tell them to their face if possible. 

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