Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 39: Emily Dickinson Searching the Soul

Reflecting on the Poet Tarot Card for this week takes me deep within my soul in search of something but I don;t know exactly what it is. Dickinson was certainly no stranger to soul searching. Much of her writing seems to reflect this deep reflective journey that seemed endless.

Her life seemed to center so much on her own being that  I believe she provides an example of how one can become comfortable in their own skin. How they can utilize their time alone in greater artistic pursuit.

While I am not single and must keep a balance in my life I can surly look at the example of Dickinson to examine the the ideas that cancome through introspective examination.

Dickinson gives me permission to step back from the busy every day life and focus upon my art, my writing, Write, read, indulge in a glass of wine or a sweet. Take a walk, watch the birds, the clouds, ask God to reveal more clearly what I am about.

I should plan a retreat even if only a weekend at home. Where I write and read  and reflect and turn off . everything else. Go deep into my soul and let that guide my writing.

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