Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 36: Emerson - Embracing the unique you through art

Ralph Waldo Emerson asks, When was the last time I embraced being a rebel? 

One of my favorite Emerson quotes implores us, " Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Emerson is one of those people I probably do not think about as much as I should. A different era and all but he embraced creativity and really is an excellent role model for artists of all stripes.

It's easy for us to find artists that inspire us and find ourselves trying to emulate what it is about their work that we like. And while this can help us to grow as a writer or painter or photographer. But there is a point in which I believe Emerson's advice is prudent for us all. As scary as it is leaving the beaten path, it is forging a new direction that takes our work to another level and provides us with our own uniqueness.

I think Emerson himself embraced by example mentoring.  He was both teacher and always a student. Always curious, always striving to learn always willing to impart his experiences on others.

I have examined those poets/writers both living and dead which inform my process, my attitudes and are the foundation around which I have chosen to grow as a poet. These choices are are mine but it must be my choice too to find what separates me them as well. To use the best advice, the best example I can take from them and find an altogether new ways, new views, new pathways to achieve my own imprint in poetry.

This week I plan to explore:

  • ways to expand my knowledge
  • find time to give back to the writing community
  • embracing the spiritual side of nature
  • to seek the positive in others especially those with different cultural experiences/backgrounds
This week I will embrace my own uniqueness as scary as that might seem.

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