Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week #25 - Two of Mentors

A new week, a new Tarot Card.  And so this week the Two of Mentors is addressing  my creativity. Recently, (week 22) the Ace of Mentors called my attention to the need to seek more interaction with other artists and find ways to both solicit critical reaction to my work and reciprocate with others.

The two of Mentors seems to be mindful that this can be both helpful and problematic. This week I'm cautioned to not take such criticism about my work to heart and let it  get to me. Such views are opinions and they may have validity and worthy of consideration  but they are simply one other view than my own and neither is right or wrong. Nor should I have any expectation that suggestions I make to others go any further.

Perhaps the most difficult advice is that of self trust. I feel this is especially meant for me to hear this weekend because in journaling earlier this morning I realized that this weekend I've been in a funk and it has been largely due to not being as trusting of my voice as I need to be.

I am reworking some writing and it is important for me to hear (listen closely) to the sounds of my writing - just putting words on a page is the easy part. finding the right words is more difficult and even better and more of a challenge is to have the best words and sounds!

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