Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week # 24 - The Queen of Letterpresses - Elizabeth I

For this week, I am guided by the Queen of Letterpresses, Elizabeth I.  My first  thought upon drawing this card was WTF?  I did not realize that this 16th century queen was so well educated that she translated many classical works into English and was a quite a patron of the arts. It seems that  much of Shakespeare's success can be attributed to Elizabeth's support for his theater company.

I'm called upon this week to consider what role my writing should have financially on my life now and in the future.

Think about my own patronage of the arts. Do I support others in their artistic efforts?

As for myself... where can I depend upon support. Not just financial but support in the form of encouragement.  I admit I do not think much about this but perhaps it's appropriate to consider what my near and long term goals are.

How might I insert myself more prominently withing the local arts community?

I need to to think about my attitudes towards wealth and arts. I need to learn more about Queen Elizabeth I. She sounds more fascinating then I might have thought.    

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