Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week #23 Three of Letterpresses - Don't get too comfortable in isolation

Again, I'm behind.  I drew the Three of Letterpresses last Sunday and I'm just now doing my poet. I'm behind maybe three weeks on my Confession Tuesday over at Stickpoet so I'm in much better shape here. Saying that will make me feel ever so slightly better until I do my next Confession Tuesday.

This Tarot card seems to have less urgency to me. This is because it wants me t think about marketing ideas related to my art. Also to consider cross-discipline business models.

I've not spent any extensive amount of time specifically of  marketing because all of my published material thus far has been in journals. So on one hand the urgency seems non-existent.

Perhaps this is narrow minded because I do hope to publish and I suppose it is better to start at the beginning with a game plan as opposed to trying do design a workable path to successful marketing along the journey. Some of the suggestions offered....

  • find a group of artists/writers in your community to meet with  and marketing angles.
  • if you cant find one locally then consider starting one
  • find an online forum with a focus on submitting, branding, and marketing creative work
This is feeling a little overwhelming.  Looking for a meet-up group or trying to start one. Still, I can see the value of beginning sooner then later. 

Just as last week it was about networking with other people to workshop material, this week it's about exchanging ideas and problem solving where marketing our art is involved. Both pf these are urging me to come out of my comfort area.  The fact that these are coming together like this must have some significance.  

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