Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 51: Nine of Quills

My Poet Tarot card drawn this week was the Nine of Quills.  This card offers a reminder that just as there are bumps along life's road, there are bumps in a writer/artist life.

Just as much of life is beyond our own control, there are things that happen that get in the way of our creative endivers.

Sometimes we find that a project that is really important to us is not going  as planned.  Maybe we are experiencing a block that has paused progress. Or maybe we have had some criticism of work thus far and this criticism has caused us to question all our work thus far.

Criticism can be very helpful. It can also cause us to surrender or own creativity to the view of someone else. First it is important for us to listen to others with our heart. To be objective of what they say, but also to know that the decision of where we go from this point is up to us. We must trust our own instincts after assessing criticism.

The Nine of Quills wants us to use times like these to make whatever adjustment (if any) is needed and then decide how to proceed. This card wants us to learn to embrace challenges.

Maybe we need to step away for a while and come back with a fresh perspective and pick up where we left off.  Maybe we are to modify our work or perhaps hold fast to our original view.  These things are important to us...

  • patience
  • trust
  • flexibility
When our creative life gets bumpy, we can turn to these three virtues and deal directly with whatever that challenge is.

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