Sunday, April 13, 2014

Contemplating what imprisons me...

The past week I have been haunted (no pun intended) by the following  question,  What is it in life that imprisons me?

It is this question that I believe represents the conversation I was to have with Poe during the week and honestly I've thought about it, but in very  general terms and with a degree of hesitancy and even discomfort that  anyone might have with a dead, Edger Allan Poe. But now it is time to face the issue and figure out what if anything imprisons me.

I don't believe it is my writing  life that imprisons me per say, but the connection it has on the emotional tide that swings like a pendulum between introvert and extrovert. I truly believe that I  exhibit signs of both under various circumstances. This sounds odd, I admit.
I sometimes crave the ability to write without distraction and when afforded this opportunity I may be fine shifting to being with family. But there are other times that I want to be around a lot of people - to be apart of a larger writing community. This all seems confusing to me at present and the more I consider it  the stranger the emotional extremes seem.

I need to think about how I can balance all this and feel better in each mode. Anxiety I do not need.

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