Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poet Tarot Cards of Your Own

Four days have come and passed since my deck of Poet Tarot cards arrived. I remain amazed by what appears to be a special level of awareness that I have a various times during the day. Mystical powers of dead poets? Who knows... maybe I'm just more focused, but I remain excited at the crazy deck of cards that  sets beside me on my deck as I write and rewrite this week as well as make application for a residency.
If I am accepted for the residency I can assure you I'm bring my cards along.

Two Sylvia Press is planning to produce more Poet Tarot cards in the months ahead. You can obtain a deck of your own and help this small press make a big impact. They have a Kickstarter Program that is just days old and clearly there are a lot of people wanting their own deck and help Two Sylvias at the same time.

You can find a great review of the cards by going here!

But when you are ready to Support Two Sylvias Press and order Your Own Deck of Cards click on the Kickstarter Link Below...

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