Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 43: Nine of Mentors - Is this Coincidence or Mystical?

Just yesterday I was mentioning that a manuscript that  I have submitted this year was in fact not quite right. That it needed to be retooled. So today I do what, draw the Nine of Mentors?  Is this some kind of joke?  Coincidence? Maybe it's actually a case of attempted mystical interference in my writing.

The Nine of Mentors asks me to take not of that manuscript or poetry collection that is causing me anxiety and nightmares.  Well I haven't gotten to the nightmares stage yet, but the anxiety has been there and most recently I've tried to lessen it by ignoring it and working on other writing.

Yesterday, I did consider that a part of the problem was that some of the pieces are too loosely connected - making a reading of the total collection at certain points disjointed, I entertained the notion that some of the pieces needed to come out and be replaced by others; poems not yet written.

As I consider this today with the influence of the Nine of Mentors, I am feeling that I've been offered a key or solution to this and I need not leave this work on the side burner; the one that was never turned on.

While I have and number of balls in the air at the same time, I should pull this back on to the fire and and heat things up again. It is after all, closer to complete than the other projects. One more ball in the air to juggle won't kill me.

I could in fact consider that there is not one collection with some extras poems, but  perhaps two legitimate collections with some extras. That both will need additional material but perhaps I have the strong making of two independent themes that are on their way to completion rather than one that is not working.

The nine of mentors is telling me that  I don't need an idle project going nowhere, My To-Do list this week will include reevaluating these poems and what can perhaps be regrouped and remain artistically relevant.

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